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2002 - Year of Social Democracy in Ukraine
4.4. Religion and church are our allies in spiritual revival of Ukrainian society

Religion has traditionally played an important role in cultural and spiritual life of Ukrainian people. Social democrats highly appreciate the role of religion in cultural and spiritual development of society, its moral purification and strengthening of moral norms and values.

We consistently promote implementation of principles set forth in the Constitution of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine "On freedom of conscience and religious organisations', Declaration of Human Rights, international obligations of our country on protection of freedom of belief and opinion. Our activity is based on inviolability of constitutional provisions on separation of church from the state and secular nature of education.

The ideas of equality and social justice declared by us determine our ideological tolerance and requirements of neutrality of the state in terms of religion and opinion. All religious confessions are equal before law, and every citizen has the right of free choice of religion or atheist. The state does not interfere into affairs of church and secures appropriate spiritual development of religious and spiritual spheres of the society which brings up respect to religious believes of people. SDPU(U) is intent to actively co-operate with religious organisations in supporting socially vulnerable people, resolving their financial problems, meeting their social needs.

We can allow for restricting freedom of activity of religious organisations only in case when it is in conflict with current legislation, causes damage to moral and psychological and physical health of people, disrupts state security and basis of constitutional system.

We are absolutely against functioning of totalitarian sects. The legislation should determine all the cases, when the sects are prohibited with a decision of court.

It is necessary to revive historic justice as to the repressed religious unions and confessions. The state should grant assistance in reconstruction, maintaining and protection of buildings that have been returned to church and are monuments of national history and culture.

We are against use of religion for political purposes and participation of church in activity of state bodies of power. However, this should not restrict rights of members of religious organisations in their activity. We are intent to co-operate with church to resolve important social issues that will contribute to eliminating existing inter-religious contradictions. We are convinced that representatives of Ukrainian churches will be our allies in affirming social and national accord in the society, uniting all constructive and reasonable forces in fighting corruption, crime, drug addiction and other negative social phenomena.

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