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Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine (United)
2002 - Year of Social Democracy in Ukraine

About project

On November 26 SDPU(U) opens an updated version of the party's official site The site was developed as a modern and constructive instrument to extend information space and as means of internal communication. The project takes into account specific character of the Internet as a rapidly growing and extremely popular communication media environment and aims at overcoming "informational and technological lag" that has become a chronic disease of Ukrainian political Internet.

Here are 5 principles of SDPU(U) strategy on the Internet:

  • Tool principle
  • Principle of aim approach
  • Principle of extended information space
  • Principle of systemic use of resources
  • Principle of internal communication

    The site was designed and developed by a team of professionals as a political party's site with regularly updated blocks of political, economic and cultural news concerning the life in Ukraine (an information that, in our opinion, will interest a large audience). is the first global Internet project of SDPU(U). A number of other social, political and socially oriented projects are in their final stages and, once completed, they will become foundations of a single social and democratic information space in Ukraine. At the same time, they will be independent sites each of them having its own mission in the information space and aimed at a particular audience.

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