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SDPU(U) Structure

  Organizational structure

Organisational Structure of SDPU(U) is composed of primary party organisations; rayon, districts of the cities, city, oblast, the Crimean Republican, Kiev and Sevastopol city organisations.  

  Leading bodies

SDPU(U) governing bodies are general meeting, conference and Congress. To consult with party members and primary organisations, conferences and Congresses can be organised in several stages. Governing bodies elect executive bodies (Political Council, Political Bureau, Secretariat, committees and bureau) and revisional bodies (Control Council, Control and Revision Commissions).   

  Party organizations

Oblast organisations of SDPU(U) are set up on the territory of oblast and the autonomous republic of the Crimea; republican and city organisations that have rights of oblast party organisation are respectively formed in the cities of Sevastopol and Kiev. Their organisational activity as well as participation in the life of the region is stipulated by the Statute, SDPU(U) programme documents and decisions of higher-ranking party organisations and party leading bodies.   

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