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Leading bodies

SDPU(U) governing bodies are general meeting, conference and Congress. To consult with party members and primary organisations, conferences and Congresses can be organised in several stages. Governing bodies elect executive bodies (Political Council, Political Bureau, Secretariat, committees and bureau) and revisional bodies (Control Council, Control and Revision Commissions).
  Deputies of the Chairman

Deputies of the Chairman
  SDPU(U) Secretariat

SDPU(U) Secretariat is a permanent acting political coordinating organ of the party composed of the SDPU(U) Chairman, his First Deputy Chairman and Deputies and Head of the SDPU(U) Executive Committee
  SDPU(U) Political Bureau

SDPU(U) Political Bureau exercises control over party activity in the period between meetings of SDPU(U) Political Council and is reported to Congress.
  SDPU(U) Political Council

SDPU(U) Political Council is a leading co-ordinating party body.
  SDPU(U) Control Council

To control the activity of party organs the Congress elects the SDPU(U) Control Council. The Head of the SDPU(U) Control Council elected by the Congress organises the work of the Control Council.
  SDPU(U) Control Council

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